Arwen Undomiel

The Lord of the Rings



The coat is made of grey ultrasuede. It has a waist seam and some kind of a modified princess seam. It’s called “offene Wiener Naht” in German, but I didn’t find a translation or a matching expression in English for this type of seam. The seam is not running up to the middle of the shoulder like an ordinary princess seam. It runs to the edge of the shoulder and meets the sleeve seam at the highest point of the sleeve. There’s a arrowhead stitch as decoration made on the modified pincess seams. The lace overlay of the continuously rolled collar of my coat is more symmetrical than the more spiderweb-like one of the original dress. The bodice fastens in front with an invisible zipper and a hook and eye on top to hide the zipper. There’re decorative lacings in front and back. The ties are made of the same fabric than the skirts. The front ties are running through 3 pairs of straps and are fastened with a buckle made of tin. The back ties are sewn directly into the seams.
The upper sleeves are decorated with small sleeve caps and squiggly embroidery. The embroidery is a typical elven design and is made by hand with grey thread of the same color than the coat. The lower sleeve is two-ply and consists of an inner and an outer sleeve. The inner sleeve is made of light grey silk crepe. It is tubular and shorter than the outer sleeve. The shape of the outer sleeve is very fancy. The seam where the lower sleeves are sewn to the upper sleeve is curved. The outer sleeve is U-shaped and overlaps at the inner elbow. Hence it looks wrapped and petaloid.
The skirts are also two-ply. The outer skirts are made of the grey ultrasuede and the inner skirts are made of crepe satin. The outer skirts are in four pieces which overlap at the sides and in the back. The skirts at the back are trapezoidal. The front parts are also nearly trapezoidal, but they are also curved at the front edge. The inner skirts are two-part. They have nearly the same shape than the outer skirts. But they are longer and sewn together at the side seam.
(Note: In our first attempt, we made the skirts with respect to the sketch of the coat from the costume designer. In contrast to the succeeding coat the back skirts of the concept coat are also curved at the back center. We’ve changed the shape of the back skirts meanwhile.).

Pants, boots and gloves:
I found black knee-high ultrasuede boots with lacing on the back side at a local shoe store. I covered them with grey velvet powder with the aid of spray-on glue. I wear light grey elbow-length leather gloves and dark grey leggings beneath the coat.

Arwen’s sword Hadhafang and the evenstar necklace are official merchandise.


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Series The Lord of the Rings
Character Arwen Undómiel
Variant Riding garb


The Lady Nerd This is undoubtedly the best cosplay I've seen of Arwen's chase dress. You nailed the right fabrics and overall look (not to mention you had a pretty accurate looking Aragorn at your side there!). :)

MalteseLizzie Great work. Thank you for the description of how you made it: it will be very useful if I ever decide to make the costume

Little Raven Oeeh, i love your version of the chase dress. I'm still thinking of making an arwen dress, only I don't know which one >_<