Ashley Graham

Resident Evil 4



Resident Evil 4 is one of my favourite video games. It's the game I enjoy playing the most because it incorporates some awesome horror elements but still gives you lots of ammo and weapons to get through it without being too terrified.

Anyway, I wanted to Cosplay from it but I'm not exactly fit to Cosplay Ada and certainly not Leon. XD Therefore I had to fall back on and Cosplay the president's annoying daughter. (^^);; I do really like her outfit for some reason, though, and it was a blast to wear. It's thanks to my mom’s awesome knitting skills that I had a really nice turtleneck and a great sweater. I've put a lot of time and money into this costume and I love wearing it. (^_^)


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Series Resident Evil 4
Character Ashley Graham


RashiaCutter You look amazing. ^_^

Raven22 This worked

ERICTHEDIRECTOR hey, took a pic with you at otakon! it was great posing with you!

AkoRedfield Lovely photos ! Very nice n___n

RaptorJaci You're SOOOOO adorable. And this costume is really awesome.