Anti Sora





Went to Gävle this weekend to attend WhateverCo/Aicon Bacon:01 and brought Anti with me, had lots of things to fix, so it wasn't as ready as I would liked it to be when I took off...
I didn't see a shit.

But it was damn fun 8D
At Saturday we went out into town to... well, freak people out.
It worked.
I met lots of wicked people there. Wicked as in good :D


... Wham.

This was so much fun to wear at UppCon, especially at night since people saw my eyes better then 8D

The eyes died on me right before the show, but the second time we went out, I got it working.

Had everything ready (finished it all the last day/night(...))...
Some people said that the makeup I used was great, but I've seen one photo of me now, and with enough lightning, my skin "shines through"... aya, nothing to do anything about, I had a great time, and that's all I wanted...
And the Black Bag was Epic to get 8D
Update: Yes, I intend to bring this to another con when I've fixed some things... many things... a lot of things... I am aware that I really need to fix some things... : D

The eyes are LED sheets for cars, you know that part that I don't remember the word for in English, where you can see the speed and everything (great explanation, I know).

And yes, I should learn how to pull my pants up...


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zizi994 Wow. o_o Love the glowy eyes! :3

Tsukune Pretty cool Anti =)

KOTKA AHA, där är ju du! Och nu ser jag fler svenskar som är medlemmar här! :D

Chinako This is a great job! I've seen a few anti-Sora around, but this one is very impressive! The work you put into the mask shows and I love the glowing eyes. Great job on the wig too! Spikes like those are hard to keep in such great condition.

Zabuz At the mask I had at UppCon I could see out from two tiny (one a bit bigger, one smaller) holes at the side of the eyes. And my second mask... I saw with one eye and bumped into people worse than at UppCon... And daaaamn was those masks hot or what... I looked ridiculous when I took my mask off ( Black paint all over the place xD) And... you probably noticed that I mentioned that my eyes died... twice... I should have fixed all the wires and connections :< Ah well, thank you very much :D Yah, I know lot's of people got that problem :< Too bad, cus' your cosplays look awesome : D

Lilly_Kitsune Ohh.. By looking threw more pictures I found out my first question.. ^.^" But still.. How do you see? XD

Lilly_Kitsune OMG.. T_T *faint..* That is soo amazing... It's really, waow.. It's so well made.. O.O Wish I could have been at Uppcon, but.. to long way.. to expensive.. How the *** did you make the eyes? and so they well keep on? and well.. so you can see? XD

Yami_No_Cosmos Oh vad kan detta blir för nått skoj? *nyfiken* Låter sweet iaf, allt man limmar kan aldrig bli dåligt xD Fast jag är mera kär i 'limmpistoler' den är mina bästa vän xD Håller också på med min dräkt för UC09 skall göra en remake. Skall gifta mig i sommar så min 'stora' cosplay plan gick åt pipan. Men jaja herregud det kommer mera tillfällen. Take care och good luck me dräkten! ;3