My dream cosplay. My friend showed me the Berserk manga and we decided to make this Griffith real. After 1,5 year of planning, training and erranding the dream armour completed. It's made by a master blacksmith of 1,5 mm thick steel and every spot is polished like a mirror. The straps are made of real thick leater. It's weight is nearly 32 kg but very comfortable. My partner was Gatts:
Dispite it's weight I realy enjoy wearing it...


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Series Berserk
Character Griffith
Variant Post eclipse human form in full armour


Mellie Best Griffith in

keykeyx10000 How did you do the armor

Zexion_Nobody I saw this cosplay on Youtube!

Arroyo This needs to be showcased

TeamAquaSuicune Gracious! The detail in this armor is beautiful! <3 I'm surprised you were able to make this costume in only a year and a half, I would've expected something like this to take about maybe three to even five years. It looks like a lot of patience and devotion was poured into this, and probably tons of money. I applaud you. Brilliant work.

Iwiwal That is amazing! That is a cosplay to be forever proud of. Great Griffith! I applaud you. <3

Kashio Veeeery nice Griffith dude !! hugs.

Gedda von Reier Holy cow. This is fantastic. My dream came true! Did you make the armor yourself? Awesome job.

Touga This is really something, I'm really impressed. Griffith is one of my dream costumes too and Berserk means so much to me. Great work, you've captured Griffith's spirit. How much did the armor cost? Do you have the helmet too? Have you thought of wearing the costume on the Drachenfest? How can it be you only got 2nd place? Once again, congratulations!