Queen Akasha

Queen of the Damned

@Lady Muramasa


I liked this costume, I dressed as her before back in 2003. But this version is much better than the last one.
I forgot to bring the gauntlets, and finish the belt jewelry and color, but, all in all it worked.


@Lady Muramasa
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Series Queen of the Damned
Character Queen Akasha


nemu013 i am a fan of your akasha!

LockhartTifaFF stunning o_o

Anaid I love Akasha, and you look just like her.

sash_96 I love it, but wish to see more :S, sorry i'm new here :)

angelique ann wonder how she made that stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Abessinier Whew~ You really got the right face for sexy-as-hell characters *.* Just love the detailed headpiece and stuff~

mechellelavonne ur costume skills are breath taking. u look so cool

Joellen wow, that is amazing. you look just like her. stunning. :D