Luke fon Fabre

Tales of the Abyss



Owh yeah! i was always into csplaying as Luke, since the first time i saw him! but people keep saying (and making look-a-likes) me to cosplay as Jade Curtis! XD

well, i was invited to the 31 CJMC in Monterrey - Mexico, and some friends wish to make a TotA group!
ahah in the end there was just me and Onan as Guy~ but it was supercool!
now i have this supersexy outifit *_* i definetly wanna wear it again nee!

The costume i made based on a (shonen-ai 8D)fanart, and it's really shorter than the original one, but hey, that's not that bad! xD~


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Created 12 years ago
Series Tales of the Abyss
Character Luke Fon Fabre
Variant TotA


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