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Oh man, my Eccleston love is huge. My Doctor Who love is huge. It is such a great combination!

I was hard at work replicating Ten/Tennant's suit for weeks but not really feeling it. I was totally jazzed when Tennant became the Doctor 'cause I thought finally a Doctor I can cos and look reasonably similar, but the more I worked on it the more I really wanted to do another Doctor.

So week of con, this jacket happened. I'd loooove to remake it in leather, but I doubt my hair will ever be that short again.

Wearing this is full of love, 'specially when I have an Ellome to wear Ten, we can have great TIME PARADOXES 8D


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riversrae Holy shit. You make a really intense Ninth Doctor and a rather goregous one at that. You look fantastic and that costume is just amazing. Really. Love it. ^_^