Miaka Yuuki

Fushigi Yuugi



This is being made for The Agents of Cosplay Skit at AMA. The costume keeps making me think "what can brown do for you?" Eep!

Construction Notes:
Not exactly the costume I was jumping up and down to do. Brown has never been a fave of mine. lol

Brown cotton was used to constuct the pieces. The vest and jacket are lined. (and yes, patterns DO exist for the jacket) I learned how to make button holes finally. The instructions seemed insane, but it wasn't hard at all. A few practice runs and I was ready to take on the world. ^^

The bow is blue cotton with interfacing. The gold button is sculpy. The white shirt was bought.

The hair is my actual hair. I had bangs cut in a few days before the convention. They still didn't know "what to do," so you'll see the parting in the pics. ^^;; The buns are not my real hair. My friend Liz (yep, another Liz!) found them at a wig shop. They were pinned in with billions of hair pins.

I learned the "Art" of buttonholes! lol


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Series Fushigi Yuugi
Character Miaka Yuuki
Variant School Uniform


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