Lina Inverse

Slayers TRY



It's frilly. It's Lina. It's Alice in Wonderland. I absolutely had to make this dress. The hardest part, I think, was the apron. The way Lina's apron is drawn in the episode is completely physically impossible, so I had to improvise to get the same look. I'm really proud of this thing, though. Granted while I thought it didn't need a petticoat it really does, but of all the clothing parts only my underwear and tights were not made by me. There's matching frilly bloomers even, and I went so frickin crazy on the topstitching and edgestitching that you wouldn't believe it. It's so much fun to wear, and I also adore when people recognize such an obscure costume! :D


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Last Updated 14 years ago
Created 14 years ago
Series Slayers TRY
Character Lina Inverse
Variant Alice in Wonderland


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