Hungary / Elizabeth Héderváry

Hetalia: Axis Powers



Costume Details: This costume was made in two days while I was recovering from the flu! If I was healthy I would have made it in an evening, but oh well. So! The dress is made of a green... uh I don't know what type of fabric, but I like it even if my grain is off (lol not enough fabrics). The apron was made from left ove stretch twill. Shoes I already owned and thought would go perfect for this costumes, since they have a 1940's style to them. Petticoat was purchased at my fabric store for a surprising $15! What a deal. Flower is pinned onto bandanna. Wig is my TyLee wig which is an Ivy in 6 from Cosworx.

Personal Thoughts: SOOO!! A week before Sac-Anime at ALA, Ellome comes to me and told me that I would make an "adorable Hungary" and that I should play with them for Hetalia times at Sac-Anime. Being a sucker for groups, poofy dresses, and an Ello-face I agreed. However, I got the flu upon coming home from ALA and wasn't able to make until Thursday night of the con. Not to mention I got not enough fabric for EVERYTHING and had to be creative in placement. I also had to sacrifice accuracy in her sleeves because of the shortage, but I really like the short sleeves so I'm going to leave them. And yes my wig is waaay to dark for her, but it is the only brown wig I own and didn't have time to purchase a correct one. Hopefully before I wear it again I'll have a correct color and style for her! For now I really enjoyed playing Hungary. Cupcake dress are fun. :D


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Series Hetalia: Axis Powers
Character Hungary / Elizabeth Héderváry


Otaku4life1595 Uhm I have a question for you... could you possibly send me directions on how to make this lovely dress!? It'll be my first time cosplaying and I was lost in a world full of misguided Hungary costumes when I came across this, precious outfit. FIND IT IN YOUR HEART PLEASE!I'm just an akward girl from the east cost hoping... NO.. praying that an extremely nice person on the west coast will send me directions... so please if you will I wil be waiting :3 Thank you <3

lexy-chan ...*sniffle* You give me so much hope that I can too be Hungary...such inspiration! Love the frying pan, it's the best addition <3

Matsuri/Petra/ Wow, a Hungary from APH 8D Great job ^^

Of Mice and Men I adore your dress! And the petticoat (what a steal!) just perfects it.