Taiga Aisaka




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Series Toradora!
Character Taiga Aisaka


Chrono_San One of the best Taiga cosplays i have seen!

Joichi Aww I love your version of Taiga, and even matching brown contacts :D I got the theme song playing in my head when I see your photos, I love that you gave so much effort and accuracy into one of the best tsundere characters + you have a Toradora team!

emibear Oh my goodness this is so cute! You make a perfect Taiga n.n'

K1k2 You Are adorable.

Enhasa_Beloved Omg! You are the cutest Aisaka Taiga I've seen! O_O=

davrenbralor Awesome and adorable! Well done Aisaka-san!

† Wolfwood † Epic Taiga costume!!!!! (゚∀゚)

zephyrld Please tortured Please step on. Please marry.

MRT^^!! waaaa cute taiga! i love it n.n

逢坂大河 萌!完美!

Arika БХАХА! Итс со секси энд хот! XD

_Emmy_ Perfect n_n

OTAKUXXL WOW !!! *o* =3 you make beautiful Taiga congratulations *o* =3 (hug)

[LiNi] nice cosplay group ^^ i'll do a taiga cosplay to, and wanted to know... where did you buy this wig? it's so beautiful *-*

Yair23 Great ToraDora cast you guys ~_~

Arika I love you, my dear Taiga!

Yair23 あぁぁぁ~ めっちゃ可愛い。。。

[LiNi] ahhh cute!!! ^^

ihpsta Tenori Taiga!