Emma Frost




I had just moved to Mobile, Al in the winter of 2008 and was going back to Orlando less than 3 weeks afterwards to attend MegaCon. The thing was, in the midst of all the packing, moving and unpacking, I didn't have time to even think about a new costume. But I wanted something shiny and new to show off all the same! So I gathered up some left over material from a Green Lantern commission and the rest of the gold from my Phoenix shipment and put together this little gem of Emma and Phoenix combined. Also, I just reused my Phoenix costumes sash ;D.

Another rushed costume, put together in a manner of days. The one thing I'm proud of is the gold is not sewn down at all, the Wonder Under is the only thing that holds the Phoenix emblem and gold bars in place. It's starting to come up in some corners now, after nearly a year of wear, but the materials worked rather nicely in my favor.

The only thing I didn't have was a good pair of boots / shoes, so my friend Margie maid me a pair of boot covers to wear over some sexy stripper heels of mine. Margie rocks!


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Series X-Men
Character Emma Frost


Truest_Strike No way! This is awesome!

deshwitat you look awsome, and I love the poses as well as the expression on your face, you really do seem to be in character

Angeal very good work very awsome Very Beautiful

cloudwarrior amazing emma ^^