Vincent Valentine

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children



After a long time, a costume I'm quite satisfied with (although my body build is a bit off, I'm about... 20 cm too short X'D). It still needs some fine adjustment and the holster, but other than that, it's finished~ *u*
It was fun to make since I enjoy much more making props and crafting little details than sewing. Especially I enjoyed making the gauntlet and Cerberus, since I could try and explore new and different techniques. And it was so so so much fun to tear the cape apart. 8'D
The whole costume is self-made, except for the pants, which I found in my wardrobe and modified to fit the purpose better. Special thanks to my mother who helped a bit with the collar and Erunei who helped me finish the costume in time for the convention (she painted a few layers for some props, cut pretty much all the belts for me and helped with gluing some stuff in my hand). Another Special thanks goes for Weenyah, who was my super-special-awesome-Cid.

EDIT: Finally, the costume is finished! I had plans to compete with it at Cosplay Gaala, and since there were many things I was unhappy with, it needed more work than I had thought. I made new pants, shoes, wig, shirt, and nearly all the belts, and bought new contact lenses. Actually, the only things I recycled from the first version were the gauntlet, cape, Cerberus and that forehead...garment...thing. I'm still not fully satisfied with the shirt, but I suppose it was worth being all those nights awake while fixing the costume considering I won the competition. Still can't believe it. ''D


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Series Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
Character Vincent Valentine


Wepi Oo, tuttu naama! Kiitos kovasti, omakin pukusi oli oikeen komea. *u*

Seibai Hahaa. Löytyipäs joku CosplayGaalasta "tuttu" ja onnea 1# palkinnosta olit tosiaan upea ^___^

Bitenshi ... -3- *favetus* <3

TomatheSpook Very detailed and beautiful costume, congratulations!!

Wepi It's made out of craft foam. This tutorial: is very helpful. :3

Shikon-Ookami Hey, what did you make the gaunlet out of? Can you give me any pointers, i want to try to make my costume