Booster Gold

DC Comics



I am never sewing spandex again. Why? Just because it's nerve-wracking (and very, very uninteresting. Body suits SUCK).

... That's pretty much all! I adore Booster and wanted to get him down in the hot femme way. This costume is OBVIOUSLY hella comfortable and wears quite easy. Like... footie pajamas.

Except geeks are far more likely to ogle you. (Even if footie pajamas are tres hawt.)


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Last Updated 11 years ago
Created 11 years ago
Series DC Comics
Character Booster Gold
Variant Gender Bender (Earth 11)


Trotakosmos You Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!! Your Cosplay is Awesome!

Neko Kempo hay ! Remember me I was Plastic man/woman, we had our pic taken together at the con. I was wondering do you have that pic at all?? cuz i really like your cosplay and i wanted to see how my costume came out in that pic :)

Catbeaver This costume sounded like a pain to wear but your attention to detail is excellent! I am a Booster fan as well!

Cerisa Nice job! It's cool to see cosplay of the more 'obscure' characters of the DCU, especially Booster :D

Ennead13x Again with the Booster love! So cool that the editor caught you! Maybe with the show of love, they'll think twice if the option ever comes to cancel the book! Wondering...I'm making the same costume, but I have access to a more 'gold' (as in darker and shinier) spandex. Do you think I should go with that or follow the color scheme of really yellow and blue?

Samurai_Kenshin Booster Gold and Blue Beatle are both so underrated. Nice costume.