Garnet til Alexandros XVII/Dagger

Final Fantasy IX



Garnet was started at the beginning on November and completed at the start of April. I really took my time and I am way beyond super pleased with the outcome.

I used a beige body suit for the base. It is underneath and smooths a lot out. Then comes the white shirt, which is taped in place to keep it from popping up or shifting. After that, the yellow body suit. The leg buckles were attached before sewing the legs closed. The grommets are reinforced by four extra layers of yellow stretch fabric in the same shape around that section. The edges are all bound with bias tape in the "wrong" way to get the look I wanted. The black choker is a ribbon made into a necklace. The crystal is a 60mmAB Swarovski octagon, topped with the crown. The crown is styrofoam, masking tape, clay, glitter glue, craft foam, steel wire, spray paint, nail polish and clear coat.

The shoes are made from table vinyl. The gloves are hand sewn from the same with a custom pattern. The wig is commissioned from also known as DizzyLizzy.


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Series Final Fantasy IX
Character Garnet til Alexandros XVII/Dagger


The Boss I wish I could see it in person :) Very good job on the suit. You make a cute and adorable Garnet!

toeskater91 Your Garnet was spectacualr! I stood in front of you Friday morning waiting to get into the convention center and it was sad that you were the only FF9 cosplayer at the photoshoot Friday, but hey, the entire FF9 shoot was all you :) Spectacular costume, the orange wasn't too neaon and your pendant was gorgeous.

Codax You were so cute at Otakon! We didn't get to talk long, but you are definately the loveliest Garnet I've seen.