Noir, undead rogue

World of Warcraft



Noir is based off one of my alts in Warcraft. My goal was to focus on portraying the race rather than focus on armor. The "skin" on the face was made from Ben Nye scaring wax. The make up was airbrushed Mehron body paint and details done with eyeshadow. Had a great time wearing it, my only complaint was the hours it took to get ready.

I'm so glad how this turned out. I learned so much making this costume- styling and dying wigs, airbrushing, fx make-up, sewing, the wonders of craft foam... I'm so happy everyone enjoyed it, and can't wait to start something new!


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Series World of Warcraft
Character Noir, undead rogue


vrogy Pretty much the best WoW costume I've seen. One would hope that there was some forsaken headbanging at the con XD

le_spark I remember seeing this on some google search or Deviant ARt like a year ago and being seriously impressed. I envy your skills. You did such a pheomenal job, so did the Draeni girl you were with. FTW!

Hebeth A-M-A-Z-I-N-G

Atropos AMAZING COSTUME! I LOVE the Forsaken! When pictures of this costume started floating around online, all my friends mailed me about it, citing that my character looks just like you. GREAT JOB!

Señorita Tonks the best work I have seen, congratulations, amazing, awesome! very very good!

Kenoma Your make-up is amazing!

LuluRose nice to see more undeads! best race. this is brilliant though! makes me want to do my undead lock.

Shaylyn Your costume was so perfect... you really brought a part of WoW to life :) I hope you dress up again this year! I didn't get to meet you last year

derelict_ You should have placed in the costume contest. fck blizzard, lol

AnimeMasterZERO Impressive mask. It has that Leatherface type of feel while at the same time maintaining that aura of the Forsaken. And the hair is amazing too. It looks like you spent hours studying that particular hairstyle. Nicely done. You are, without a doubt, one of the best Forsaken cosplayers.

ArwenEvenstar .__. You have done a fantastic job on the makeup costume and everything. Wow...just wow at the mask D:

Madam Boss I remember you! You are adorable! ;.;

Sparkle Pipsi Truly incredible o___o!! You embodied the race perfectly, from the makeup to the creepily accurate movements; you did an amazing job!!

Saurus Thank you guys! I wish I had gotten a chance to meet more of the cosplayers at the con, your costumes were great and everyone has been so nice :)

Tonksie Your costume was amazing!

Atheana You both were stunning and a such pleasure to meet :) <3

Hedelex I bow to you both taking my hat off!

Wren Your costume was awesome, you should have gotten top 4 at least =/

kaolinite I was so impressed with your costume, especially how you did the knees! Kudos to you both! ^_^ Hope to see you both again!