Kozue Kaoru

Revolutionary Girl Utena



The jacket for this costume was my first real sewing project, and hopefully a springboard into future projects with more complex construction. Putting on all of the ropes, ribbons, and buttons took some engineering, but the jacket itself was pretty straightforward, if not tedious. The pattern I used required only minor alterations for fastening the front and shaping along the bottom edge.

When I find the time, I'm probably going to sew my own pair of pants as well, instead of using store bought, just for the practice and for a greater claim to the outfit's construction.

The sword is a plastic, toy handle with a wooden dowell for the blade. I added extra details to the guard with craft foam, wooden pegs, and then spray paint.


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Series Revolutionary Girl Utena
Character Kozue Kaoru
Variant Black Rose duelist


Tatsu-chan Its pretty good...how did you make the shoulder things