Ada Wong

Resident Evil 4



I FINALLY GOT TO COSPLAY AS ADA WONG! I was originally going to make her RE4 outfit, but Boston is too cold and I was too lazy to even start it.

After 5 years of no cosplaying, I finally decided to get back into it with this costume. Most of the items I already had in my closet. Here's where/how I got the props:

Red button up: Ann Taylor brand I managed to find in the thrift store

Pants: JCPenny - black super stretchy leather-look leggings

Boots: Sears - I'm going to try to add the foldover tops next time.

Shoulder holster: real leather one I found on Ebay

Chain: handmade from an old belt

"Ammo pouch": actually a cellphone case

Belt: Ebay

Necklace: Handmade from Sculpey polymer clay and leather cord.

Hair: My real hair.


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Series Resident Evil 4
Character Ada Wong


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