Hitsugaya Toshiro




Hitsugaya and I have a love/hate relationship. That's to say, we don't quite get along very well. I've had my Hitsugaya haori destroyed and/or stolen from me (yes, stolen) more times than I can count. No joke. Although the costume is technically "finished" I am in the process of replacing the haori... again. This time, I am making it slightly more lucky by making it reversible, so all the seams are within the jacket and it can be flipped insie out without any visible seams. I can then make, say, Gin's number 3 on the other side and flip the jacket inside out to have two captain's costumes on one jacket. The haori is all but done. If it works, I'm making another one as Aizen/Ukitake.


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Series Bleach
Character Hitsugaya Tóshiró


shattered_song awww! i really like your hitsuguya! like the wig too-it looks more natural:)