Tiger of the wind

Monster Rancher

@Dart:Dense Boy


I'd like to blame Michanna for dressing as Genki and making me want to make Tiger - grr but yeah at the same time :P

First actual fursuit as I've never really worked with fur before...well other than hot gluing it on :P Made in about 1-2 months.

Quad suit - the front leg stilts are made with just a large door hinge, decking wood (as cheap as it comes lol) and some foam and seatbelt nylon.
Foam padding to change my body shape
Head and horns is made out of pink insulation foam
Teeth are fimo/sculpty with nail polish
Tongue is felt, nose is foam both painted with liquid latex
Eyes are painted cardboard with nail polish
claws are foam painted with white glue and nail polish

Videos of costume

The mouth moves and the tips of the horns glow for some lightning attacks :)


@Dart:Dense Boy
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Series Monster Rancher
Character Tiger of the Wind


Shimmering_Apoc Love your costume! I'm going as Silver this year at Fan Expo! Would be awesome to run into a tiger, not sure if I'm going to be Silver when he's serving Moo or after the fact.

Setuka Hatune awesome!!^^

Cepillo Great ! =: D

xshadowmonkeyx This is awesome. I remember seeing you.

Mizza I love this costume~. I've seen your WIP videos, but never got a chance to see the full thing! Nice job!

Seena-Cha awww i remember you! i saw you at Anime north last year. Awesome costume you had. Must have been really hot in there 8|

KoopaT So awesome ;) That is all!


Tatsu-chan You know this is always been a cospay I wanted to do!

MDA It was so awesome to see this at AN! Somehow I knew it was you, because of the Guilmon cosplay I saw last year, and found it in your costume gallery 6 months ago. So I was pretty sure that this was you when I saw it. Maybe I should tell mah friends who are familiar with your Guilmon costume that it was you in the epic Tiger cosplay.

Zafie This is by far one of the coolest fursuits I've ever seen! Awesome job! ^__^

candaysium i was so happy to see this! at first i was thinking, "why does that look familiar?" then i realized it was from monster rancher. i loved playing the first game on PSX. :D great job!

Gwydion This is awesome! Great job getting it to look just right, and the video made me laugh. XD