Dio Eraclea

Last Exile



This is Dio's Trial of Agoon outfit, otherwise nicknamed "Lobotomy Dio" by several people I met at Katsucon. Like my Arislan costume, it's two costumes in one due to the cloak. The collar was probably the most difficult aspect of this costume. The base pattern was a jumpsuit pattern from Burda, but to get the right look for the top I cut an old t-shirt up to use as a pattern. My neck isn't as long as Dio's, so I modified the costume to not put as many rings on the collar. The shoes and the wig are probably my favorite parts. The shoes are my sister's boyfriend's dance shoes which I just added gold trim to. The wig was the first really good quality wig I've ever bought. I at first thought it would be too dark, but it ended up just right. My sister cut and styled it, and I made the hairtie. I wore this to Otakon 2005, this time with pointy ears and accompanied by the sword from the trial (made by my sister's boyfriend).


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Character Dio Eraclea


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