Ok. So I have been told a million times to do this costume because of my hair (and that I have been told I can scare people easily) So I decided to do it for the Zombie Walk this year. Bad news is, that stuff always, so instead, I took a mini photoshoot of me in my friends washroom. lucky for me they where renevating so it already had the eiry feel to it...Also we where given the permission to use the fake blood so we went nuts.


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Last Updated 11 years ago
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Series Ringu
Character Samara


Bloody Funeral All of those photos are well thought. The concepts are amazing and I do really like the place you chose for those photogenic pictures. The make-up absolutely changes your look and this is not that easy to recognize you! Plus, those blue eyes are interesting and stunning on some pictures! You are a great model my dear!

Cristal Knight Your Samara cosplay is just really great! You do have the perfect hair for it and you just pull her out so well! You can scare the crap outta people!