NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams



This is the second version of my previously posted NiGHTS cosplay.
I decided to repost it because there are some major changes on it. So it is, in fact a second version.

1) The white shirt is made of elanca light.
2) Almost all parts of the cosplay are made of suplex. I couldn’t hand sew it, so, Ozana sew most of this cosplay. Thank you, darling. 8D
3) The boots were all made by me from the scratch. They're made of foam-something and covered with vinyl.
4) The jewelry parts were made of plastic and sew by me.
5) The hat-like-thing was made totally by me. Foam, suplex and lots of pain! It was a huge pain, really. 8D
(It was almost all redone. Dear Lord, that was hard work!).
6) Every single painting detail was hand-painted by me. God, it almost killed me.
7) The big jewel on my chest is made of card-board, vinyl and hope. 8D
8) Every single detail made of love. Really. 8D

Other comments:
This cosplay was one of my childhood dreams. i-i
NiGHTS is so lovely!
It had so much love in it that I think it really turned out great.

It is dedicated to my grandpa that was no longer here to see me using this cosplay and winning a contest with it. He will be in my heart always. i-i

I keep it as a memorial to grandpa. (L)
And yes, I keeped up with the floating hands of doom. Gotta love this crazy effect that was so easy to make. =)
Two gloves and the right places to take the photos. Just like MAGIC! *3*~~


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Bia Chun-li Um dos melhores cosplays de Nights que já vi!!!^^

randomlyd Sorry about your grandfather, im sure he's very very proud of you! Your cosplay is fantastic! I love the boots and hat! ;D

sora178 sorry to hear about your grandpa. i know how it feels like loseing a family member. but still you look great in the costume as nights.

*Mia* Ficou LINDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA *-* Merecidíssimo o primeiro lugar ^^