Carlos Oliveira

Resident Evil 3



Ever since I first played Resident Evil 3, I loved the idea of a special forces unit comprised entirely of mercenaries. Whether rescuing civilians, killing zombies, or performing other tasks of a more secret or questionable nature for your corporate client; these battle hardened veterans are simply working towards their next paycheck...

Note: The weapon depicted is a G36C replica. I lost my M4 while moving from Florida. I'll have a new M4 ordered by the time AnimeNEXT comes around...

- Olive Drab BDU Top ($30)
- Khaki BDU Pants ($30)
- Tactical Vest ($60)
- Elbow/Knee Pads ($30)
- Drop Down Pistol Holster (Optional) ($15)
- Drop Down Magazine Pouch (Optional) ($15)
- Fingerless Tactical Gloves ($30)
- ALTAMA Black Combat Boots ($60)
- Umbrella U.B.C.S. Emblem Patch ($10)
- Airsoft Assault Rifle ($25 - $250)*

Total: $305 - $530

* Price varies depending on the airsoft make and model (price can exceed $500)


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Series Resident Evil 3
Character Carlos Oliveira
Variant U.B.C.S. Operator


uematsu_chick perfect dude,well done!