Cid Highwind

Final Fantasy VII



Never thought I would ever do a Final Fantasy costume, but my friends starting putting together the group and it looked like fun so I joined in. I store bought just about everything. The only work I had to do was make the spear and the patches on the arm.


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Last Updated 10 years ago
Created 11 years ago
Series Final Fantasy VII
Character Cid Highwind


Geni Maan! this is perfect 8D This is Cid... no..this is you... you are Cid?!!!!!! 8D Amazing!!!!!!!!!!

Blue Sasarai you are my hero, i love your cid! its perfect :D

nikkiolie You did a great job with this costume. One of my favorites ^_^

Kill_Your_Tv Awesome Cid! I've never heard of neds atomic dustbin, but I'll have to look it up.

Tsubasaglz oh my! ur cid!!! I love cid ^^ Cid is jus.t.... coool!!!!!

Oliviathestrang amagad u look exactly like cid came to life! awesome job :3

windchanter wow, you look so much like the character you're cosplaying . . . it's awesomeeeeeeee

PikminLink i dont know why, but you look so different in this cosplay, like i didnt even know it was you until i saw your user name! awesome!!