Spider Jerusalem




This is going to be a simple costume; the fun is in the accessories. I'm going to get a custom tailored black linen suit...done.

I'm not shaving my head, so I'll be making a baldcap in either silicone or gelatine.

The tattoos will be Alcohol Activated makeup applied with an airbrush and Acetate stencils prepared in advance. Since I'll be applying this in a hotel, it will need to be as fast and simple as possible.

I'm still thinking about the glasses. They sell for way too much on ebay. They will probably be hand-bent brass wire and tinted acrylic.

If I have time, I'll be making a bowel disrupter. This would be sculpted in Chavant NSP Medium, molded in silicone, and cast in Polyurethane resin.


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Series Transmetropolitan
Character Spider Jerusalem


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