Mutou Kazuki

Buso Renkin



(spikey) wig - ALRITE! the 1st item I got, although seemed shorter than actual Kazuki's hair lenght, but once compared to other existing Kazuki cosplayers, it should be fine and "realistic" ^^ (RM42)
jacket/uniform top - mum got for me the base jacket, and we altered it by adding white inlays on collar & inside sleeve ends, making the button holes and sew buttons on it, plus I made a pinned plastic pocket inside (for my kakugane/heart) manually. (RM29.90 + RM10 + RM3.20)
pants - got the base from the same shop as jacket, mum helped sewing the end a lil' shorter. (RM39.90)
red t-shirt - the top logo was made with PURE paper! (since the pure cloth version looks fugly v_v)LOL mum helped sew it on top of shirt...will have problem to wash it o_O' (free)
arm band - base is tailor-made and the logo is self painted (RM8)
shoes - comfy! X3 (RM42.90)
tight gym outfit & safe tapes - for chest binding >_0 (free)
budget total: RM167.90!! O__O;;;;;;; not including misc. costs

normal kakugane - I was lucky to get a template online and printed it and molded it to look 3d-ish! (RM2)
black kakugane - same as above >=) I so wanna do a Victorized version of him one day!! (RM2)
Sunlight Heart Lance - did it ONE NITE +_+ EXHAUSTED! materials are light and safe. (RM31)
Papillon mask - will wear this in my future photoshoot ^^ (RM2)
black school hand-carry bag - free
budget total: RM37++


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Series Buso Renkin
Character Mutou Kazuki
Variant default version; ginsei highschool uniform


Elffi Yei xD Ichigo is the hottest character~ :>

Hello Nozzy You ARE Kazuki <333333