Sumomo, Plum




Always liked Sumomo in Chobits, she's soo kawaii! ^_^
Most of the people cosplay Chii or Freya but she's my favorite!

I took the Anime version because I only saw the Anime.
In the manga the back part from her hat and clothes are slightly different.
The choker has also a different color in the Anime.
My hat, scarf and shoes have my personal touch. ;)

For once I had to be cute, energetic, friendly and wild. I liked it a lot!
After cosplay'ing her, I really admire her more!!
Very easy, comfortable outfit. ^_^

Wig: was pale pink, I used a semi-permanent dye for this
Shoes: bought in a store (5 euro!) and put some extra rhinestones on it
Outfit incl. hat: made from satin, felt and stretch fabric.
Pompoms: bought

Cost: 60~70 euro (without wig)

Updated my costume with little pearls and new swirls.
A new prop is going to be made for Sumomo too.
I found a cheap tambourine that I am going to use.

extra cost ~30 euro.


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Character Sumomo, Plum


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