Izumi Orimoto

Digimon Frontier



This was done because my friends and I all wanted to cosplay together, but didn't have much time (or money) for anything too complex. After a short brainstorm, it was decided that we would do Digimon! I was Izumi, krispykira was Kouji, and DigitalHopper was Takuya<3


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Series Digimon Frontier
Character Izumi Orimoto


KazeChan IZUMI IS LOVE! :]

Azure Balmung lo you where at animenext? glad to see i'm not the only one cosplaying some one from digimon if your going to manga next this year i'll be Davis/ GM siper II from gundam/ Azure Balmung

HimeZelda Digimon is awesome and so is Izumi!!

LoveAnime18 You guys were an awesome group at AnimeNEXT~