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This is Alice's first dress from the new Alice in Wonderland movie. I tried to make the whole thing in 2 days before the premiere because I had neglected to take note of the actual release date. Needless to say, it didn't get done in time to wear to the theatre on opening weekend, but that was definitely a blessing in disguise, as having seen the costume on screen I was able to correct a lot of my construction mistakes before it was too late.

The dress has two main layers, cotton for the base and voile for the over-layer. The bodice is fully lined and interfaced for a total of 4 layers of fabric. The skirt is divided into two tiers, and each was constructed separately... so the cotton layer has the middle gather as well. That caused a bit of a problem making things line up, but in the end I think it helped with the "poof" factor.

The embroidery on the hem is drawn on as opposed to embroidered. I free-handed the motif's based on the poster images at the theatre since I couldn't find any images online which were high-res enough. (of course, photos of the actual costume were sent to me by a friend shortly after that :P)

The fingerless gloves are made of a fine stretch mesh, which I drew the stripes on with an art marker.

I built the boots on a base pair of heels using white vinyl and lots of glue ^_^. they actually lace up the front, but I put a zipper in the side to make things a lot easier.

There is a lovely interview on YouTube in which I discuss the costume, please check it out!

Othere Alice videos include the Wonderland-themed Steampunk Fashion Show at Anime North:
and a silly tour of Centreville at Toronto Centre Island:


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Edestra Love it... and your such a great Alice!!!

awagoner1 i seriously thought you were mia wasikowska

AlicexHatter<3 You look so much like Alice and the costume is wonderful! Great job! :D

little kitsune You make an amazing Alice. I love the dress and all the shots are beautiful

Ammie I remember seeing this gorgeous dress at the picnic back in july, you did such an AMAZING job on it!!! You look stunning!!! I hope you'll still wear it when I finish my White Queen, I'd love to get shots with you ^^ Beautiful job though, seriously, stunning work!!!

Garuda_Aiacos Woh! I thot I was looking at the original photos from the movie! :O You did a great job for this dress and really looked the part. ;)

Lifestream You look like her ! Same face, same dress, same hair, same all ! And wonderful pictures ! Just perfect ! =D

Roses-and-red Wow! It looks just like the real thing *.*

Hateshinai Your the amazing Alice that I saw at AN! You look JUST like her! Great Job! :D

benihime absolutely wonderful! you look so much like her! lovely work!

dismaldreary Your costume is gorgeous! You make a fantastic Alice.

Mohmoh wow, you're a perfect Alice look-a-like. Your costume is perfect and your hair/make-up, too. Very impressive!

Electric Desire Absolutely beautiful! You did an amazing job on this outfit. I adore the "embroidered" hem of the dress.

HottieNanako Love it, love it, love it! You did such an awesome job recreating this dress and you really look like her too!

Faraday This is fantastic, your attention to detail is amazing! It looks like you were plucked straight from the movie! **

Chaarly This is simply AMAZING! For a all selfmade dress it looks really real, especially the bottom with the sewed bunnys and holes =) *thums up*

Gilly_kins This costume needs comments on behalf of the SHEER AWESOMENESS of you as Alice. Both you and this costume are so beautiful <3