Final Fantasy X



Well! I love me in this cosplay and I was very proud of myself! And I looked really good, it's my first awesome cosplay!
It took me quite a long time to finish this cosplay! Almost an entire year!
The exterior of the cosplay was woven in grey and the corset made with the fur... then I went to the chinese store and bought a big amount of belts and clipped them to the empty space in the front.
The necklaces so as the moogle were bought on ebay and the hair sticks were made with the help of previous sticks I bought in shops using clay.
The earrings are also clay!
The shoes are high heels that belong to my mother and the make up is all between Maybeline and Sephora!
The hair took me an entire hour to fix and I used my plastic dreadlocks to make that effect in purpose!


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Series Final Fantasy X
Character Lulu


Miss LollyPop Nao te vi com este fato... IU!!! uma foto ai k nao kero ver!!!