I love this costume, I really and truly love it. It's really weird, but I feel incredibly special and empowered when I cosplay Stephanie. Maybe it's all the attention from the fanboys(mens). o.O

I made the basic dress out of light pink knit fabric, using a dress I had as a template. The dark pink stripes were fused on, and the dark lines between the two colors are ribbon sewn on. The white binding was crazy to do, and the v-neck has a facing. I picked up the wrong zipper at the fabric store, so I had to take an invisible zipper from another dress, a twenty two inch. XD
For the headband I took a purple ribbon, sewed it evenly in half, and slipped in the headband. Then I handsewed the thing tight, and hot-glued on the rhinestones.
My first wig had to be cut, but since then I've purchased a better one. I also bought the tights, shoes, leotard, and scrunch socks. I already owned the bracelets.

There are some small things that bug me still, so I'll probably remake this costume in the (distant) future.


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the_sammich We need another LT cosplay group. Now. (This is "Goggi" haha)

Jellybean When you say the dark pink stripes were fused on, what does that mean exactly? I'm thinking of sewing stipes onto another dress i have... is fusing something completely different? x