Henry Wong

Digimon Tamers



Epic Goodwill is epic. The Orange vest is a heavily altered Nike windbreaker (I cut off the sleeves and took it in A LOT), shoes are spray painted sneakers with some yellow fabric overlay (they used to be RED), and the pants/black shirt are also Goodwill items.

I handmade the digivice in like an hour with some sculpey, a D-ring, and a nylon strap / clip I found lying around. I also made blue cards. I am too poor to buy the real thing.

Terriermon is a life size official plush from Japan I got in 2001-02 off Ebay, it's one of the rarest plush of him as far as I know. I love him and have been meaning to do this cosplay pretty much JUST so I can haul him around hahaha. :)

Original wig was a long wig a friend gave me (she didn't need it anymore) I cut/styled it Friday morning at the con hotel. It's was too light...but it was all I had and I didn't wanna spray paint it as I knew I'd have Terriermon on my head (I didn't wanna risk it rubbing off on him). Years later I bought a proper wig.

Sunglasses ARE green! It's hard to see in the photos as it makes them look really dark. I borrowed them from a friend she has a collection of green sunglasses.


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LaceX-Foxypowow That Terriermon plushie is freaking adorable! And I love how you only spent $15! It looks seriously good. :)

*Mia* Yay for Digimon cosplay XD You look amazing!