Kouya and Yamato (ZERO pair)




Mix of store bought and made from scratch. Made ears for Kouya, skirts for both. Still making jacket and ribbon for Yamato. Bought leg warmers, socks and shirts for both. Have bought sweater for Kouya, but am modifying.

Still need to:
- Modify Kouya's sweater.
- Figure out how to attach ears properly (I have a hairband, but I'd rather not use it. Have tried hairclips, isn't working too well.)
- Finish Yamato's jacket (have made sketches and planned extensively, just need to sew it all together and get my Yamato to wear it for adjustments.)
- Make Yamato's ribbon (fairly easy, just need to buy the materials.)

I will cosplaying Kouya and my friend (nickname Kiwi) will be cosplaying Yamato. We make a great pair :) I'm making both costumes though, Kiwi can't sew :p


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Character Kouya and Yamato (ZERO pair)


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