Haibane Renmei



For having been made in ONE NIGHT, I call this costume a success.

This was pulled out of my butt, wings, wigs, shoes, and all, the day before the con when I rendered my other in-progress costume too difficult to satisfactorily pull off in the remaining time. Not only did I complete this, I also completely made Kuu's complete costume at the same time. My Sui wig was reworked for the purposes, and I'm actually pretty proud of the little curl. If I wear it again, though, I'll either get a longer wig or more meticulously style this one to achieve her wispy/spiky ends.

Thank goodness for what feathers Michaels carried, though I probably could have made something less poofy if I had enough advance warning to order feathers online and use mostly rounds instead of mostly flats. As is, I cleaned that store OUT and had to fight to make ends meet.

My fingers suffered greatly in creating both sets of wings, because my low-temp glue gun broke so I had to use the high-temp, crazy one. So many blisters!


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