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(Disclaimer; this isn't generally based from LotR. For some reason I've tried to change the title a dozen times and it refuses to actually change it to "Original character").

Idea I'd had in mind for a while, and got to debut at Guelph's Faery-Fest Enchanted Ground in June. My bf Furilas also matches/matched me as another original elf character.
I decided to make an original character based from the roleplay universe we made for our group roleplays. Once I finish her backstory, I'll have it written up in the journals. Short form, is she's a ranger of a far northern country who specializes in hunting and killing trolls. (And getting to banter with the festival's gobfolk and trolls sure was a fun bonus to my character.)
Anyways, here's the costume pieces;

-Wig; Cosplay.com's Ivy in Shadow Red, in a fairly simple braided style. The wig is soooo lovely and natural-looking. And thick... so thick I could hardly get my ears to show through it without giving myself an ache.

-Ears; Aradani's type A (Small/LOTR elf) ears, and with pewter ear cuffs and a pair of earrings I have that look rather Elvish (silver sleeper with chains, with small leaves dangling from the end).

-Cloak; Both of us are wearing knee-length deep green cloaks (made with my ever-handy galaxy twill and broadcloth lining), with different colour trimming to show our character's different rankings. Mine's silver-grey (though in some light it almost looks lavender or mauve), his a paler green.
Brooches are made from craft foam painted gold/bronze, shaped like eight-pointed "Polaris" stars. They didn;t hold up too well, though. i foresee making a few more of them.

-Tunic; Off-white tunics, made with galaxy twill again, both of us with somewhat different neckline designs, and a little past crotch-length. Took ages to finish, thanks to me deciding to hand-bind a couple hundred lacing eyelets.

-Belts; Pleather brown utility belts with some pouches. I STILL have loads of that brown pleather left... and because I had so much other decorative items and small pieces of leftover fabric left, I also made drawstring bags to put on the belts. Mine's also got an Icelandic sigil for protection from ghost/spirits beaded onto it, which fits the character nicely.

-Tights; Our first hope was dark green leggings/tights, but in four months of looking, neither of us has had a single bit of luck finding it (except for one online site that wanted $50 a pair, BEFORE shipping; can you say "Uhhh, FUCK NO"?). So, now we're wearing black ones. I'm just re-using my much-loved pants from my Aoi cosplay.

-Boots; Base boots are a light brown "suede" and with a minimal sole, and I used the fur off of an old fox scarf I've had for years for trimming the tops and adding tassels to make them look more like mukluk boots. Boyfriend's are his Magus boots.

-Bracers; Bought from Sword in the Stone crafts at Anime North; I originally was going to try for ones identical to his, but mine work quite nicely; they're a shorter bracer about 2/3rds up my arm instead of to my elbow, brown boiled leather, and designed to have a scratched and beaten look to them so they actually look used. It also fits my character's backstory.

-Weaponry; My character carries a throwing spear. Made of wood with some leftover pleather for a grip, made by my boyfriend Furilas. They're pretty darn nice. Lightweight but durable, and fairly realistic looking.

And, a troll-fang pendant, made with air-dry clay and on a braided brown and green cord/string.
I also decided to add in having light purple eyes, when I bought some colour contacts from my optometrist on an almost-whim (to be specific, they're Freshlook Colors, in violet).


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Narnian Wonderful! I love the design!

MDA It was great to see you at Faery Fest :D Loved your elf!! If you're looking for pics I can email you the ones I took of you and the boyfriend.