Soul Eater



Serious costume!! When life gives you a character that is a tube, it's to be taken super serious! Right??? Ha!

With school eating up my life, I tossed this sucker today a week or so before the con. Nothing like bottomweight and felt to get you throught the day!

The top of the tube is a very large quilting hoop. Everything is constructed from there. Some sewing, some glueing. I made slits on the side of the costume so I could easily use my arms.

The hat is my fave part. Again, felt was used. The eyes are a styrofoam balls sawed in half with stretch fabric contoured around.

The wig is a random wig I've had and just tossed it on. I think it needs some TLC before wearing again. Oops!


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Series Soul Eater
Character Mizune


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