Sexy No Jutsu Gaara




Well, this cosplay was done in less than a week. I did the design basicaly by staring at a picture of Gaara for around five minutes. The idea was a lolita like design... guess I succeed?
I marked as 90% done,, cuz I did the groud, however, I could not find in time the sand tone color for it,,, so too bad, it's not finish until its paint!
April 21, 2011! UPDATEEEE

Let's see? I got the groud!!! But my partner left it at home!! D: He thought I wasn't going to the photoshoot!!! o.O''
Anyways, I just used his groud prop &gt;:3 for my photoshoot.... but miss the part where I HAD to hide my eyebrows!! And he didn't remind me &gt;,<* !! Sigh˜ well, now its 97% done! (Is there that option?) Next time, its just us as Gaaras and fully ready! (I spoke for my eyebrows X'DDD)


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Series Naruto
Character Sexy no Jutsu Gaara
Variant SNJ


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