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This is a personal variant of Sailor Mercury. I figure if they want to call themselves Sailor Soldiers, they ought to be appropriately equipped, and that's what this design is aimed to do. ;)

The base costume is my standard Sailor Mercury. Past that its pretty much just a combination of things I found or thought of to add to it over time. It started out as a beret, sunglasses, a tactical vest, blue camo tights, and a gun, but I have since come up with all kinds of things to add in varying combination, including more weaponry and losing the tights in favor of a blue camo skirt or blue camo shorts. I pretty much just use whatever combination seems fun at the time, since the point is the same and being a custom variant, its not like there is any accuracy to worry about.

I used my eBayed Eternal Mercury costume for Youmacon 2009 as a debut of concept, since my other Sailor Mercury costume that I was making wasn't done yet. Now that I have my Mercury costume made it is the way it was originally meant to be. I really like the way this costume has turned out, and it is definitely one of my favorites and a must-wear for at least part of a convention weekend.


@Mr. Robot
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Diegator hell yea "pretty soldier" :D

SailorAnime Hey you! I still love this idea! I'm glad I got to talk to you (even briefly) at the SM gathering!

Ammie This is quite possibly the greatest thing I have ever seen with Sailor Moon varients XD