Kanaria, Kanarienvogel

Rozen Maiden



Kanaria, the 2nd doll.
She's known for being the smartest but she's also very cute, worried and she will never give up!
(even after several failures)
She looks soo bright (costume part) and I liked her characteristics a lot so I chose her!
The anime version was taken because there are differences between the color of the hair, the color and the place of the ribbon on her "coat".

Binoculars: made
costume: made
hair piece: made

The wig was a long straight wig was cut and curls were created (what a paine!), the parasol and the shoes were altered.

My personal touch was the lace. She has plain, simple white, lace but I preferred using "broderie Anglaise" lace.
Those little embroidery and drawings are cuter.
The lace (that I used for the parasol) was actually white, I dyed it with left over pink paint.

Despite of the look that it is simple, I never had so many issues with a cosplay!
Somehow I ended up calling her "bad luck cosplay" which is actually kind of sad... :*-_-*

The curls were impossible to make because of the hair volume, therefore separate ones were created.
But I will redo it because I am not satisfied with the effect. &gt;_<"

Nevertheless I certainly learned a lot, I am still fond of Kanaria and I was pretty satisfied with the first result.

Price: ~100 Euro
(incl. shoes, binoculars and parasol, not incl. wig)


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Series Rozen Maiden
Character Kanaria, Kanarienvogel
Variant Rozen Maiden


Roses-and-red Cute Kanaria ^^

stalfoss pour une fois quelqu'un qui ressemble T_T bravo, je tire mon chapeau ! o/

FuryKeaton-chan This is sooooo cute!!! >w<

[email protected] Hello my dear ! Your costume was awsome, just as all your costumes are ;) I can't wait to see what you're going to make for our Made In Asia, I think you're one of the most talented persons I know. xxkissxx