Yuuko Ichihara




Second Yuuko costume made for ALA 09.
One of the things that I loved most about this design was that her eye color matched her lips and nail polish - sadly the purple contacts I had turned out blue and were painful so I just went with red contacts.

The black fabric is a polyester and the corset and gold trim are made out of silk dupioni. The corset has three layers to it and a bunch of steel whitebones. The kimono is fully lined in a really soft baby silk fabric. The ruffles were made out of the same fabric by hand since the ruffle foot I bought for my machine was a piece of crap!
The butterflies were cut out of white fabric, painted orange, and then the smaller details were hand painted in - all which took about 10 hours or so. The butterflies were then heat-bonded on and then satin-stitched with orange thread.
Shoes were designed by me since the artwork didn't show hers.


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Created 11 years ago
Series xxxHolic
Character Yuuko Ichihara
Variant Orange Butterflies


KnightJeran You are the most amazing Yuko

Zerooiri You're a great Yuuko! ^.^

AsakuraYoh OMG!!! PERFECT YUUKO \O/ Kissus