garlock yoko ritona

Gurren Lagann



yay this costume is my baby, i made it to wear with my amazing anti spiral nia kenon2. she is my cosplay lover ha ha

anyway, at first i tried to make this cosplay with vinyl, but i just couldn't get it to work out, it took me forever to find another material i found fitting, and in the end i used metallic white spandex. it is perfect and stretches nice and i just love the material.

the wig i finnally got down with the help of a nice women who works at my local party store, she helped me cut the base and i attached the ponytail

the cape is hard to move in, but i like how it turned out, wish i had more back shots cuz the back is my favorite part... oh well

i am hoping to someday do all the yoko versions, will see about that though lol


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Last Updated 9 years ago
Created 10 years ago
Series Gurren Lagann
Character garlock yoko ritona
Variant starboob/garlock/time skip


xSYN oh, this is gorgeous~ i love your yoko! :3

DarkMousyR really cool *_____*

Shigatsu so well done you look beautiful! I love this version! and I must ask were did you get your wig?

p1ng666 i love seeing people do this version! your cape and rifle are fantastic!