Android 18

Dragonball Z



Android 18 has always been my favorite Dragonball Z character. She's a total BA, but she's also an awesome person to have on your side! This is my favorite outfit of hers, so yeah... here it is. :3

The wig was actually pretty difficult to do. It was a long blonde wig with no bangs to begin with. Making that side bang took some effort, but I got it just how I wanted it. Then of course the straight across cut all around. It may be a bit shorter than I wanted, but I'm still very happy with it.

The bracelet and badge are made from sculpy.


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Series Dragonball Z
Character Android 18


shadowsage best #18 I've seen! Of course, #17 is my fav. ;)

Angeal thats awesome cosplay

KakeraのTsuki Awesome android 18! The wig looks great =)

MikoBura You make a great #18! :D