Blossom (Momoko Akatsutsumi)

The Powerpuff Girls Z



I made all three costumes for the group (Blossom being Mewski) so all the details for this costume are the same as for my Bubbles one, the only difference being the wig.

Blossom's hairstyle wasn't something I wanted to recreate precisely (not that I even know how to) so Mewski and I agreed on a more natural interpretation - just an ordinary high ponytail, so no crazy gravity defiance. The first wig I got - the godiva wig from Wildcat Wigs on ebay not only didn't come in the colour we expected, but was also too thin for a high ponytail. Dealing with such a long wig and trying to such an awkward style on it was a very bad idea in hindsight.

So I scrapped that, and got the Angela wig from CosWorx instead. I cut in the fringe, and the curl already in the wig was perfect for the loose wavy pieces at the front. The wig was wonderfully thick and no real problem to get into a high ponytail. I then used a couple of packs of extensions (doubled up) from Dr Locks to make the long ponytail. I tried to position the ponytail so the weight of all the extensions would be supported well, rather than dragging the wig off backwards, but I think whatever I do it'll be an awkward wig, especially with that bow!

The bow is fabric stretched over a wire frame, and mounted on a hairband. Really the hairband doesn't do much to hold it in place, so there's a strip of fabric to tie it round the root of the ponytail too for extra support. I tried to get it to the scale of the bow in the anime, but I think it's a bit ridiculous in reality. Mewski was happy with it though, so I left it the size it was.

Since we were going with a relatively natural ponytail style, Mewski also wanted a more natural colour, not bright orange! So as long as I picked anything along the lines of red, it would be fine for Blossom and go with the outfit. I think the Red Auburn shade I used is maybe a bit too dark, but I chose it over the other red options because the choice of colours for the extensions was limited, and I had to be sure I could match the wig and extensions!


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Series The Powerpuff Girls Z
Character Blossom (Momoko Akatsutsumi)


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