Fujiko Mine

Lupin III



Medium brown wig, light pink tie-behind-the-neck dress, extremely short, knee high white boots, and a little silver gun.


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Created 13 years ago
Series Lupin III
Character Fujiko Mine


arceus4445 I have noticed that everyone that cosplays fujiko usually does her catsuit. Which is done way too much, its good to have a sense of variety, great job =D and keep up the great work =D

flyingdog Eh? No comments, yet? Awesome Fujiko! There aren't nearly enough Fujiko cosplayers. Did you make her Browning yourself? It's really good either way. ^^ I like the group photo with you, Lupin, Goemon, and the two Jigens. Very nice pose. XD at the last photo of you being carried off by Lupin. XD