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Wow. So this costume is a bit more than a year old. but it has been worn with alot of pride and care (yeah right..). When this costume was made it was suppose to be done for the sunday of Otafest but in the end it didn't get done. (meaning the fans...) Most of it was rushed that time but it was reworked after the con when I had a bit more time. And finally I got a photoshoot done for this costume at the gardens. So check it out :D

I decided to use not chinese brocade (too expensive and not enough colours...) but something that was still silky and had a light pattern on it. Which I lucklily did find in the end with the help of my DaQiao. She helped me alot in finding everythig I needed. The shirt followed the basic chinese shirt pattern but was just altered near the bottom and the sleeves. Damn..it took FOREVER to figure out the sleeves and the back of Xiao's shirt..I wasn't sure if I was just seeing colour under her arms or not. Many screenshots later, colour was added to the underarm and I found out I wasn't that crazy. Back of the shirt I wasn't too sure if there was a back to it haha. So I went back to looking at screenshots and youtube and FINALLY found a 360 angle of the costume which in the end solved all my problems :)

Balls on the sleeves are styrafoam balls painted then glossed over a million times. White design was freehanded on with fabric paint.

Tails were hand dyed with a very weird way. I used acrlyics and sat in my kitchen blowdrying and dying it, while hanging them up like a chinese laundry.

I hate making shorts. Skirts no problem but shorts are ugly. Initially they looked like sora shorts (and we all know how poofy those can get xD) then i altered them to a more slimmer poof and shorter. Cuff and details were slipstiched on and top stiched on after (security!!)

Green box with tassles were made from model magic and the tassles were made by me. I used bubbletea straws, embroidery thread, and lots of super glue haha

This was my first time ever making shoes of any sort. It was intimidating at first but after the first boot was done I was on a roll. Base shoe was a simple flat and was later covered with the fabric and transformed! (ya!!) Details were then all hot glued on.

Headpiece was made from foam and a chopstick

Ugh..These did not get done for the con in time which made me extremely sad, but in the end they did get finished and will be worn to a con :)
We (my da qiao and I) searched all across town to find the perfect sized fans. It was either the fans were ridiculously huge or the right size for the ones in DW6. But one day we went chinatown and found the perfect fans. We got them then went right away working on them.
The fans are covered in acrylic paint that was mized to get the right colours. Pattern was taken from a chinese instrument stand. Penciled in first then painted. It took about a good 4 months for the fans to be completed ): Long, tedious, but gorgeous :D
The flowers were made of foam and painted with acrylic
Jewels in the center are resin. This was a test run my da qiao and I did for the resin and they turned out pretty good i thought :D
Detials on the flower are done by model magic.

Tassle charm thingy is made from foam and tied together with pearl beads. Oh and jade bracelet was also bought.

I think that about sums up everything for the costume. Any questions just PM me.


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XiaoDaQiaoDiaoC you need to teach mehhhh how to make the fans =P

Narnian Wonderful! I love the fans too!

Lycorisa Your cosplay is so beuatiful! Good job^^