Ciel Phantomhive

Kuroshitsuji Black butler



This was one of my dream cosplay! When I first saw Ciel wearing this I knew I've got to make one ..somehow! This dress was easier than it looks^^
Hat: poster board covered with fabric. Then attached the roses and ribbons and black bias tape. I still need to up the 2 sides thingy lols.

Gloves: The hardest part of this costume THE GLOVES!!!! Yes, I sacrificed my mom's never worn ugly black dress for the gloves.

White Underneath Skirt: Very very biig skirt....also very berry heavy :)

Petticoat: Lots of tulle...lots lots ..I mean like a house full of tulles xD

Dress: I started off making a simple pink dress. Then ruffled the sides. Sewed on the black bias tape. Added ribbons. The ruffle sleeves part was more ruffles lols. I still need to add the big ribbon to the back :D

Striped Ribbons: XD er I couldn't find stripe fabric or ribbons I doodled the lines on there LOL.

Random Facts YAY

- Everything was ruffled by hand
- I ate a lot of cookies while making this
- It is very heavy
- I love it!!!
- It's really hot in it
--- Total: less than 40 dollars ^^

I REALLY LOVE THIS DRESS. YEs, I'm obsess with histories and old old stuffs...I'm such a grandma :D


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Series Kuroshitsuji Black butler
Character Ciel Phantomhive
Variant Southern Belle Pink Ball Gown


Jen-Jen That's amazing that you made this for under $40, it's beautiful!:D

TsuTsuneko Wow ! Congrats on the dress, especially with keeping the budget so low for it ! You sure have some crafting skillls !! :)

sandysaur Oh my gosh, you are crazy! Under $40?! That's so ridiculously cool! I'm jealous of your skills, lol. You wouldn't by any chance have any tips for me, would you??? :D

PunkRockPanic Your Ciel is one of my favorites! I love how you made the dress

silkmonkey : o you made it look this awesome with budjet that low? Good job!

Mico_125 Cute Ciel Cosplay you got there and BTW, thanks for the comment on my Hetalia and I'm planning to do a Bardroy cosplay someday

PrincessDominique23 Awesome Ciel Cosplay!

Natsuki-dono So cute! An amazing cosplay, congratulations!