Maid Marian (wedding gown)

Robin Hood: Men in Tights



The movie is really funny and a couple of years ago some cosplayers (incl. myself) were interested to do the cosplay.

We would remake the scene of "men in tights" mixed with the blanket serenade scene. :-)

Almost no one recognized me at AnimagiC but I sure caught the attention with the voluptuous hair.

Missing still the correct fabric. (silver with a diamond pattern) but aside from that the dress looks great!

SOLD begin 2014


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Series Robin Hood: Men in Tights
Character Maid Marian (wedding gown)


Iloon Don't forget the pantsu with the lock made out of steel =P haha just kidding xD

Genrômaôken I love the hair ^^ Can't wait to see pictures of the dress!!