Misa Amane

Death Note



Misa is soooooo adorable! And I love this outfit of hers! I made all of it. The shirt, the skirt, and the bow. I also made the necklaces. I've seen so many cosplayers who just use a normal white blouse and a normal skirt, and I really wanted to make mine as accurate as I could. ^_^ This was my first time making a blouse, but it went really well.

This cosplay is gone now. I don't have any of it anymore. Not even the wig. ^^'' I'd really like to cosplay Misa again, but probably a different outfit.


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Series Death Note
Character Misa Amane


Rame love it! so gorgeous!

Nami223 If you don't mind could you tell me how to make this costume please.

fly_aguilera awesome! cute!

MitzyBunny gorgeous Misa!

spank_it hi, emm, i wanna know more about you. im from other country u_u your cosplay is amazing.- by the way my mail is [email protected] write to me xD cya.

al-bhed-gurl wow you pull her off very well! I love how innocent you make her look in the photo's! ^.^ nice job! ^.^

Uchihacharles one word...HOT! ^^ you look amazing!!! im thinking of cutting my hair to do an L or Yagami Light cosplay. it will be hard to part with though :( uchihacharles

Snowberry Ohh, I love your costume. *-*~ Perfect.

AkoRedfield Favorite *___*