Turanga Leela




This was made for Halloween 2008, but sadly, I had a vicious sinus infection and was unable to go to any of the THREE parties happening. Sigh. Maybe a con someday....

Update: Leela made it to Dragon*Con 2011! Yay! About time!


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Series Futurama
Character Turanga Leela


uromania This is the original base wig: http://www.cosplaysupplies.com/store.php?p=PP-Angela750-NE I had to custom dye the wig because the color I ended up with was more hot pink than purple. After that was done, I pulled out the bits for bangs, and pulled the rest into a high ponytail. I added wefts along the back/bottom edge (to cover the back wefts) before stubbing the ponytail. I then added a separate chunk of wefts to make the ponytail. Then I cut and styled all the various bits.

dbchan This is the best Leela I've seen! What brand/color/style is the wig?

bromero Did you buy the wig online? Can you post the link? I'd like to buy one and/or see what it looked like before you "fixed" it. Thanks!!

uromania The sticky: it looks like it's changed a bit since I was there last, but here's how to find the stuff. Click the forum tab, then click the link to the wig and hair forum. At the top of THAT list is one for user submitted tutorials. Voila! Tons of info and tutorials to help you do awesome wigs. The one I used the most is here: http://www.cosplay.com/showthread.php?t=132516

uromania Late answering the question (sorry), but the eye was wire, elastic, and aluminum mesh. I already had a plaster mask of my face, so I marked where I wanted the outline of the eye to go. I bent a wire coat hanger into that shape, following the contour of the nose, etc. The aluminum mesh was something I stumbled across in the craft store. I mooshed it into a dome shape, then trimmed it along the wire and curled the edges under. I used hot glue to secure it and also blunt the fairly sharp edge. Later, I added a cushiony rim of felt because the glue was still uncomfortable. I sprayed it white, and cut a nickel-sized circle from shiny plastic to make the iris. It's held in place by good old-fashioned elastic. The arm band was just painted craft foam. The wig styling sticky: go to the forums here and find the wig one. The stickies are the threads stuck to the top so they never get lost. One of those threads has a ton of information consolidated on all kinds of wig styling techniques. Very useful!

amiejoe22 how did u do your eye, its genius i would love to have one like it.

lhoward Your Leela is probably the best I've seen

FinnsMama Can't find the sticky you are speaking of. Really impressed with everything. Best Leela I have ever seen. I can't get my wig to do that. : ( Also curious about how you did the eye. I was just going to paint mine on

antigone34 This is the best Leela costume I've seen, by far. Can you link us to the wig styling sticky in the forums or provide info in the costume journal about how you assembled it? Looks amazing! :)

~WhiteMage~ So cool. This is amazing and a halk.

uromania The wig was all done with techniques from the wig styling sticky in the forums here. The arm band is craft foam and paint.

palindromia Best Leela ever, no question.

thekellykid May I ask how you went about making the arm band? It's awesome :D

nayqueenie How did you do the wig? I'm going as Leela this year for Halloween, and your wig is just spot on!

Lilbeeze This is really good, the wig is amazingly acurate

Sner2000 Perfect.

Kobols_Prophet Wow... That is AWESOME! You make an amazing Leela! <3

WTFmongoose brilliant. simply brilliant.

Mahato Shey-Kun genius!